Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pope Benedict wants liturgical music to reflect the sacred, not the secular

Regardless of the negative tone of this article, the Pope's criticism is well warranted. Many others, including myself, believe that certain modern liturgical styles in music detract from rather than add to the sense of the sacred within the Mass.
Posted on 27 June, 2006 # ANI

The Pope wants ‘Pop’ music banned from Churches!

London: Guitars and modern music, may soon be out the doors in Roman Catholic Churches, for it seems that Pope Benedict XVI doesn’t quite approve of them, preferring the ‘traditional’ Gregorian chants or sacred polyphonic choral music to it.

The Catholic Church has started using modern musical instruments such as electric guitars in a bid to make more people attend masses. And though these measures were proving to be successful, the Pope doesn’t think that they are appropriate within the walls of the Church.

At a concert conducted by Domenico Bartolucci the director of music at the Sistine Chapel, Benedict XVI said that within the church walls the only suitable music was the ‘traditional’ type.


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