Thursday, June 22, 2006

P.S. from Poland–A Preview of Benedict's Trip to Valencia–News in Brief from the Vatican

Joan's Rome: Insights and Obversations from the Heart of the Church

Joan Lewis
Monday, June 19, 2006

As readers of “Joan’s Rome” know, I dedicated several issues of this column to Pope Benedict’s travels to Poland, the last of which was posted a day after my return from Krakow and was devoted to the Holy Father’s remarkable and unforgettable visit to the former concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Because of a very quick trip to the United States, I missed a weekly column. Thus, I am happy to resume today, and I’d like to thank everyone who told me they missed reading the latest news from the Vatican and from Rome.

I would also urge you to visit these pages next week when I tell the astonishing and very beautiful story of a couple whose faith and love and total selflessness has turned their lives upside down with new children, new joys and new challenges.


A little publicized event during Benedict XVI’s trip to Poland was his blessing on May 27 of a train called “Totus Tuus,” Latin for “all yours,” the well-known motto of Pope John Paul whose love for and devotion to the Virgin Mary was a hallmark of his papacy.

Railway in Poland: Benetict XVI Blesses The "Pope's Train"
Add: 5 June 2006

"The Pope's Train" carries pilgrims between Krakow and Wadowice, the hometown of Poland's beloved pope John Paul II. during John Paul's successor's Benedict XVII visit to Poland the train arrived at Lagiewniki station where the Holly Father blessed it. Lagiewniki are famous for the location of Saint Mary's sanctuary.


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