Friday, June 16, 2006

Redressing misinterpretations of Vatican II

From the blog, "CVSTOS FIDEI," comes this excellent commentary on some of the misinterpretations of Vatican II. Hopefully, the recent translation of the liturgy into an English more closely aligned with the original Latin will help to redress some of those misinterpretations.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Vatican II Redux

When Vatican II concluded their proceedings in 1968 it could be safely said that of all the Church councils, Vatican II was distinctly different from all others because the documents produced didn't have an interpretive authority. I believe this was the catalyst that bore the fruit of discontent in the West, especially here in the United States. This discontent was the result of hasty 'reforms' implemented, incorrectly, in the 'spirit of Vatican II' by progressives within the Catholic Church; Subsequently allowing for traditional Catholics to feel marginalized and subsequently a fast moving protestantization followed.

Without this interpretive authority, the documents procured in Vatican II created confusion for the rest of the Church. These unintended consequences caused an exodus from religious vocations and a drop in morale among the laity; especially when these documents coming from said council were often misinterpreted from the outset by high-minded Church progressives.

The goals of Vatican II in my humble opinion were to energize the laity in bringing the message of Christ to humanity, ie, the world. Vatican II laid the foundations for the laity to evangelize the world through their continual pursuit of holiness that were once thought of the domain of religious and saints.


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