Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Seeking an audience with the Pope

As a devout Catholic, an audience with the Pope, no matter how general, is one of my higher priority goals:

Market Manila

An Audience with The Pope
Wed. 12 Jul 2006

What does any practicing Catholic hope to do on a Sunday morning in Rome (actually, The Vatican)???… seek an audience with the new Pope, of course. How could we pass up the chance to show The Kid the impressive façade of St. Peter’s Basilica, hopefully get a glimpse of the Pope Benedict XVI (along with 10,000+ other groupies) and get a dozen rosaries blessed (our moms always said if you had the rosaries on you in the square while the Pope was blessing they were all officially “blessed”!) as pasalubongs for the faithful back home? Before the 11am (I think) appearance and blessing by the Pope, thousands of folks mill around St. Peter’s Square… We shopped rather frantically for rosaries…let me tell you, highway robbery prices at those official stores near the square!!! Cheaper if you buy from ambulant vendors who sell you rosewood rosaries on the fly but we had already stocked up… All I could think of the last time we were in the Vatican shops…“this must be the Saks Fifth Avenue of nuns and priests”…


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