Thursday, August 17, 2006

How the Pope Deftly Steers Through a Biased Media Interview

Wednesday August 16, 2006
By John-Henry Westen

VATICAN CITY, August 16, 2006 ( - The full text and audio of the lengthy interview with Pope Benedict XVI and the German media has been released by the Radio Vatican news service. In the interview life and family issues are discussed, but the way in which the Holy Father responded to the leading questions reveals much. The interview comes as a lead up to the Pope's visit to his homeland of Bavaria which is scheduled to take place between September 9 and 14.

One of the questions by German media demonstrated how out of touch with reality much of the media are, and also how out of touch with the Vatican. "Throughout the world believers are waiting for the Catholic Church to answer the most urgent global problems, like AIDS and overpopulation. Why does the Catholic Church pay so much attention to moral issues rather than suggesting concrete solutions to these problems that are so crucial to humanity, in Africa, for example?," asked a German journalist.


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