Monday, August 14, 2006

Pope to visit Mid-East 'at peace'

BBC News

Pope Benedict XVI has said he would like to visit the Holy Land "in a time of peace" but does not feel strong enough to go on many long trips.

In a wide-ranging interview with German media, he also stressed the need for the Catholic Church to express positive messages rather than prohibitions.

The German pontiff plans to visit his homeland Bavaria next month. He said he would like to visit Brazil next year.

"Then I'd like to visit the Holy Land... in a time of peace," he said.

His predecessor John Paul II made numerous trips spanning the globe to meet Catholics and reach out to other faiths.

Pope Benedict, 79, has travelled abroad three times since becoming pontiff in April 2005 - all within Europe.

The interview, "Pope Benedict XVI’s interview with Bayerische Rundfunk (ARD), ZDF, Deutsche Welle and Vatican Radio," can be heard, in its entirety, on Vatican Radio.


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