Saturday, September 16, 2006

Muslims burn Pope Benedict in effigy over excerpts from University of Regensburg speech

The following is a news excerpt from the September 15, 2006 edition of the Fox News Channel and is the post entitled "Muslims Burn Effigy of Pope Benedict XVI, Compare The Pontiff to Hitler & Mussolini" from the website, the "Terror-Free Oil Initiative".

Radical Muslims have still not joined the civilized world. Even when it comes to criticisms about their violence when Islam is criticized in any way, they try to shut down those critical voices through violent intimidation. Even criticism about their violence leads to more violence.

Pope Benedict has been trying to engage Muslims in an honest dialogue concerning that violence. He has tried to call them to an inner reflection.

Please see my post, "Transcript of Pope's Address at University of Regensburg: conversion by violent jihad is unreasonable" for a full transcipt of his speech.

Thanks, Terror-Free Oil Initiative, for making this news excerpt available.

Interested in a concerned Christian's response to the issues of Islam and terrorism? Please also see my blog, "Crusaders for Truth"


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