Thursday, November 13, 2008

Separating Christianity from Europe's public life leads ‘down a blind alley,’ Pope cautions

Vatican City, Nov 13, 2008 / 10:36 am (CNA).- Upon receiving Letters of Credence from the new ambassador of San Marino, Pope Benedict stressed that if the country’s rich Christian heritage is separated from the its public life, citizens will be led “down a blind alley.”

The Pope addressed the new ambassador, Sante Caducci, this morning at the Vatican. The small country, which the diplomat represents is completely surrounded by Italy, and was founded in the fourth century by Christians fleeing the persecution of Diocletian.

In his words to him, he recalled that Christianity has always been a building block of the country’s history and people. Pope Benedict also expressed his hope that the community of San Marino will continue to “write a chapter of progress and civilization, recognizing the indispensable role each family (as a place of education in peace) is called to play in forming the new generations."

Though our world and environment continue to change, Pope Benedict continued, “the final aim of all our daily efforts, both as individuals and as a community, remains unaltered: the search for the true wellbeing of the person and the creation of an open and welcoming society attentive to the real needs of everyone.”


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