Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pope urges Luxembourg to say no to euthanasia plan

The Times of India
18 Dec 2008, 2011 hrs IST, AP

VATICAN CITY: Pope Benedict XVI has urged Luxembourg to abandon plans to legalise euthanasia.

He says that any deliberate decision to end a life is morally bad and can never be lawful.

The pope expressed his "grave worry" over euthanasia and assisted-suicide bill that is awaiting final approval in Luxembourg.

His comments came in a speech on Thursday to ambassadors including one from the small European country.

Luxembourg's Roman Catholic monarch, Grand Duke Henri, has said he would not sign euthanasia bill into law.

Benedict called on all people in Luxembourg to reaffirm the "inviolable nature" of human life.

The Vatican is opposed to euthanasia and abortion, saying life must be defended from conception to natural death.


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