Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pope: with Christian leaders of Jerusalem, for end to conflict in Gaza Strip

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Benedict XVI asks all to participate in the Day of prayer scheduled for today by patriarchs and Christian leaders of the Holy Land, for justice and peace in Gaza and in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Solidarity with the victims, against hatred and war, which do not resolve any problems. The apostle John, "witness" of the "Word made flesh."

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "War and hatred are not the solution to any problem": Benedict XVI said so today, while news was being released about the beginning of the ground offensive by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip. After the prayer of the Angelus today, the pope spoke for the third time in this Christmas season about the fiery conflict between Israelis and Palestinians: "The dramatic news that comes to us from Gaza," the pope said, "demonstrates how the rejection of dialogue leads to situations with untold impact on populations that are once again the victims of hatred and war."

Benedict XVI confirmed again his participation in the Day of prayer scheduled for today by patriarchs and Christian leaders in Jerusalem: "The patriarchs and leaders of the Christian Churches in Jerusalem," the pope said, "today, in all of the Churches of the Holy Land, are asking the faithful to pray for an end to the conflict in the Gaza Strip, and to implore justice and peace for their land. I unite myself with them, and I also ask you to do the same, remembering, as they say, 'the victims, the injured, those with broken hearts, who live in anguish and fear, that God may bless them with the consolation, patience, and peace that come from Him'."

"Let us pray, then," he added, citing the statement by the Christian leaders, "that the 'Child in the manger . . . may inspire the authorities and those responsible on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian, to immediate action to put an end to the current tragic situation'."

Before this, the pontiff dedicated the reflection before the Marian prayer to a brief commentary on the gospel of this Sunday (the second in the Christmas season), which presents the prologue of the Gospel of John, which Benedict XVI called "a dizzying synthesis of the entire Christian faith," the result of "a lived experience" and not at all a "rhetorical figure," written by the witness John.


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