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Last Call for the Notre Dame Protest Special!

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Gene Lalor* May 16, 2009 ShareThis

The time is nigh in South Bend and the last 48 hours have been tempestuous, a non-violent tempestuousness but nevertheless a tempest in that Indiana college town.

On Sunday, May 17th, President Barack Hussein Obama will be introduced to the 2009 commencement audience at Notre Dame to address the graduates and those gathered to honor them. It will be the 164th commencement in the history of that iconic institution and Obama will also be presented with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by Notre Dame President, Rev. John Jenkins.

The inappropriateness of both his giving the commencement address and receiving an award from an ostensibly-Catholic institution have been the subjects of a number of articles here, notably in ” . . . the Shame of Notre Dame,”, “Resignation Letter . . . ,”, et al.

Most of us who take strong issue with that choice of commencement speaker and the conferral of an award on an active advocate for aborting innocent, pre-born babies have taken little or no action to demonstrate our objections. The time for signing protest petitions which have registered those objections is past. The time for action is now.

Recent convert to Catholicism and long-time pro-life activist Randall Terry has been on the protest and action frontlines for weeks and in the waning hours before Notre Dame commits its acts of apostasy now requests backup.

That assistance can be in the form joining him and Dr. Alan Keyes and others voicing pro-life opinions outside the hallowed walls of the university. Or, it can be in the form of contributions to help defray the costs of the demonstrations and of bail for those arrested, including Terry and Keyes, who have surrendered their freedom in the cause of the constitutional right to life of the pre-born.

Also on the picket line this weekend will be Norma McCovey, she of “Jane Roe” notoriety who later withdrew her support for abortion:

Notre Dame students have been granted permission by school authorities to stage protests, “starting with an all-night prayer vigil starting Saturday night, a rally Sunday afternoon and another prayer vigil for students choosing not to attend the commencement,”

Hopefully, the South Quad will overfloweth.

The time is short, the cause is great, and the risks are many this Sunday. May God bless and save America, may He bless Notre Dame, and may He save Reverend Father John Jenkins, C.S.C.

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