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Pope talks about his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, prays to the Virgin of Madhu for Sri Lanka

» 05/17/2009 14:23

Benedict XVI turns his thoughts to his recently concluded trip. The Holy Land has become a “symbol of the opposite,” a place of divisions and conflicts, but is also the “Fifth Gospel,” “a microcosm that sums up humanity’s tiring journey towards the Kingdom of justice, love and peace.” Pontiff appeals to combatants in Sri Lanka to protect the lives of civilians caught in the war zone.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – In expressing his thoughts before today’s Regina Caeli prayer in front of tens of thousand of the faithful who were gathered in St Peter’s Square, Pope Benedict XVI focused on two topics, on thanking the Lord and all those who worked on his recently concluded pilgrimage to the Holy Land and on praying for the civilians caught up in the fighting in Sri Lanka. In speaking about his trip to Jordan, Israel and Palestine, the Pontiff also said he would say more next Wednesday during the general audience.

After thanking the civil and religious authorities in the Holy Land, the faithful and all those “who accompanied and supported me in their prayer,” Benedict XVI explained that “this land, symbol of God’s love for his people and for the whole of humanity, is also a symbol of freedom and peace as God wills it for everyone of his children. However, yesterday’s and today’s history show that this land has become a symbol of the opposite, of divisions and never-ending conflicts among brothers. How can this be? Our heart is rightfully asked such a question, even if we know that God has a mysterious design with regards to the Earth, where, as Saint John wrote, he “sent his Son as expiation for our sins (1 Jh, 4:10). And so the Holy Land has itself become almost a metaphor of revelation a “Fifth Gospel”, as some have called it, which by virtue of its history can be considered a microcosm that sums up humanity’s tiring journey towards the Kingdom of justice, love and peace.”

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