Friday, June 05, 2009

Czech mint launches first-ever Pope-themed platinum coin 5th June 2009

Platinum today - Jun 05 7:06 AM

Limited issue platinum, gold and silver medals will be minted in the Czech Republic ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit to the county, CTK reports.

The coins will depict a portrait of the pontiff, designed by Daniela Kartakova, on one side and a portrait of tenth-century duke St Wenceslas - also patron saint of Bohemia - on the other.

Project initiator Petr Pitra explained that the coins will represent a major coup for collectors, particularly because the platinum version will be the first ever to feature the Pope.

He told the news provider: "The portraits express a dialogue of centuries, a meeting of the present church with the main representative of the Czech cultural tradition.

"Medals with the Pope's portrait have already been minted in other countries, but never platinum ones."

The local Ceska mincovna mint is producing the coins and Czech Cardinal Miloslav Vlk received the first issue in Jablonec yesterday (4th June).

A total of 280 platinum medals with diameters of 37mm will be produced, alongside 60 gold medals with a diameter of 37mm, a further 333 gold medals with a diameter of 28mm and an unspecified number of silver medals.

The Pope is scheduled to visit the Czech Republic between 26th and 28th September.


Medals issued to mark Pope's visit to CR (04/06/09)


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