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Pope says all nations must “set” the Gospel in own language and culture

» 06/17/2009 14:40

Politicians must pay attention to and support the role of religions in society. In his General Audience Benedict XVI calls to mind Saints Cyril and Methodius, “Apostles of the Slavs”, “examples of what today is called enculturation”.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – Every nation must introduce the message of Salvation into its culture, “expressing it in its own language and alphabet”. That was what the 2Apostles to the Slaves”, Cyril and Methodius did, setting “a classic example of what today we call enculturation”. Benedict XVI dedicated his general audience today to the two “brothers, in blood and in faith”, “scholars of the Church of the East and of the West”. Over 30 thousand pilgrims were present in St Peter’s Square among them groups from Malaysia and Singapore, unusual additions to this papal appointment.

During the audience Benedict XVI also recalled the meeting of religious leaders from around the world, currently under way in Rome ahead of the G8 summit. “I am confident – he said in comments in English - that it will do much to draw the attention of world political leaders to the importance of religions within the social fabric of every society and to the grave duty to ensure that their deliberations and policies support and uphold the common good''.

Regarding the “Apsotles of the Slavs”, the younger of the two, Cyril was born in Thessalonica, modern day Salonica in 826. From his earliest youth, Benedict XVI remarked, he learnt the Slavic language and was sent to Constantinople at 14 years of age, where he was a companion of the Emperor Emanuel III. “He refused a brilliant marriage”, took holy orders and became the Patriarchate librarian. After attempting to find refuge in a convent, he became a teacher of the “sacred and profane sciences”. Encouraged by the example of one of his six older brothers, Michael born in 816, he decided to enter a monastery.

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June 17, 2009


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