Monday, July 20, 2009

Letter from Rome, #24: On the Road

insidethevatican - Jul 20, 2009

As the Pope rests in northern Italy after his fall, I am packing my bags for a journey. The strange patterns of providence...

By Robert Moynihan, reporting from Rome


Rome this summer of 2009 has become quiet, especially in the past few days since the Pope went to northern Italy, and Claudio's restaurant, La Vittoria, closed for a three-week summer vacation.

Around the Vatican, small crowds, or none. In the press office, no one. Empty.

The weather has been hot, but good, for weeks now. Tonight it was actually cool, not at all oppressively hot — amazing for this time of year...

In another week, Pope Benedict will return to Rome, and go out to Castel Gandolfo for most of August and September, where he will have views like this one from the roof of his palace, where I was on Thursday (I was able to visit the palace because one of my oldest friends in Rome is a Jesuit astronomer; see below).

In this letter, I wanted to thank those of you readers who are traveling along with me on this journey, and have sent messages of support and encouragement. I am, obviously, trying to find a new way to talk about Vatican and Church events. By mingling genres which are usually kept rigidly separated (letter writing and news reporting and personal meditation), I am taking a risk. Perhaps I will "get it wrong." But perhaps (perhaps) I will get it more "right" than I could in any other way...


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