Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pope's new encyclical asks us to re-examine foundation of the economy

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

New Haven, Conn., Jul 4, 2009 / 01:37 pm (CNA).- With the release of Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical just days away, the head of the Knights of Columbus is warning people not to ask how the Pope's teaching will validate their world view but how their views should change in response to the document.

The Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson, states that those in positions of economic influence shold take notice of "Caritas in Veritate", the Holy Father's forthcoming encyclical, to be released on July 7th.

"Commentators," Anderson says, "should avoid trying to analyze the pope’s document from their own perspectives or through a political lens. Pope Benedict XVI's comments in this encyclical, like his writing on the economy previously, concern the need for an ethical underpinning in order for any economic system to be sustainable. An ethical underpinning to economic systems must transcend politics."


At 12:18 PM, Blogger tapsearcher said...

I have explored the latent response of relgion and philosophy to the plight of workers and labor and described them as stepchildren of philosopy and religion at

Pope Benedict's new encyclical just taps the surface of what is needed to restore human dignity and fair trade. It will take more to affect any moral change in the global economic arena. More definitions are needed to work out the conflicts related to so called free trade and Globalization.
Ray Tapajna

At 6:05 PM, Blogger tapsearcher said...

View Ray Tapajna review of Pope Benedict economic ethics encyclical at - Too Little and Too Late - Excellent discourse on consumer moral responsibility but, see page - It's only human nature - Thank you Jesus for KIA syndrome


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