Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Several aspects of Pope's encyclical, "Charity in Truth"

Articles from CNA, Zenit, CWN, Vatican Radio and National Catholic Reporter expand on several aspects of the Pope's new encyclical, "Charity in Truth:"

Articles from CNA:

Pope defines real social development, drawing on Paul VI

Pope highlights 'strong link' between life issues and social ethics in new encyclical

Benedict XVI explains gifts and limitations of free market economy

Articles from Zenit:

Encyclical's Ancient and New Perspective

Encyclical Offers New Vision of Social Issues

Economy Is Not a Moral-Free Zone

From CWN:

Caritatis in Veritate: papal encyclical calls for new moral approach to global economy

From Vatican Radio:

Charity in Truth, a Synthesis

And from National Catholic Reporter:

Pope proposes a 'Christian humanism' for the global economy


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