Saturday, August 08, 2009

Archbishop Dolan Says Present Bills Are Not Health Care At All

In his column, all the hyperlinks for referenced articles were missing. I've only found the first link and taken the liberty to enter it.

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Posted on August 08, 2009, 9:14 PM Deal W. Hudson

In an interview on Wednesday with the Catholic News Agency, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York made it clear that he opposes any heath care legislation including abortion coverage.

While agreeing with the need for health care reform, Archbishop Dolan asserted "every health care system exists to serve human life, not the other way around."

CNA further reported Dolan's comments:

If health care begins to lead to the 'destruction of human life' through avenues such as abortion, end of life care, or the discarding of human embryos then 'we say it's no longer health care at all.'

I noted only a few days ago that the only protests from the bishops, thus far, had been official statements from the USSCB. In addition to the letters from Cardinal Rigali and Bishop Murphy, another statement was issued Friday by the executive director of the Pro-Life Secretariat, Tom Grenchik.

Grenchik said abortion funding is "a line we can never cross" and urged Catholics to contact their members of Congress.


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