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How Our Lady of Fatima saved the Pope & Cory

PURPLE SHADES By Letty Jacinto-Lopez (The Philippine Star)
Updated August 09, 2009 12:00 AM

The Father and the saint!: Sister Lucia with Pope John Paul II

In the past days, Cory’s friends have been talking about her devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, how she met Sister Lucia at the shrine in Portugal where the saint gave her a rosary. Cory believed in Our Lady of Fatima’s healing power and with her trademark generosity, she would part with her rosary to lend it to friends — both those who needed healing and those who need comfort.

Our Lady of Fatima saved another life many years ago, too: Pope John Paul II.

There is a blurred photograph of Pope John Paul II circulating on the Internet, taken seconds after he was shot and was falling down from his Papamobil. The Pope is shown as being gently cradled by our grief-stricken Blessed Mother. The caption says that, for the first time, the Vatican published this picture and that this photo was taken by one of his security guards.

A news report says: “On May 13, 1981, the anniversary of the Lady of Fatima apparition, the Pope was in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. A little girl was holding a picture of the Lady of Fatima, and the Pope leaned over to kiss the picture. Just as he did so, he was shot by a Turkish gunman. If he didn’t lean over, he would have been shot in the heart.”

Pope John Paul was shot twice in the abdomen and survived. What caught the world’s attention was when the Pope visited the Turkish would-be assassin in his prison cell. He heard his confession and pardoned him for this grievous sin. Someone even said that when the Pope was shot on a Wednesday, by Sunday of the same week, he was already sending feelers that he wanted to forgive and absolve the gunman. The Pope believed that it was the Lady of Fatima who rescued him, fulfilling the third message of the Lady who predicted the assassination attempt on a “bishop dressed in white.” When he had recovered, he made an emotional pilgrimage to Fatima and had the bullet that wounded him welded into the crown of the Virgin’s statue.


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