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Pope: For New Evangelization, Priesthood Needs Renewal through Proper Formation

Reuters Wed Aug 19, 2:15 PM ET
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Pope Benedict XVI leads his weekly general audience at Castelgandolfo near Rome August 19, 2009.REUTERS/Osservatore Romano (ITALY RELIGION)

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Pope: Priests formed and consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, like St. John Eudes

Benedict XVI stresses the importance of ongoing formation of clergy, by comparing our era to that of the French saint, who had "clear awareness of the serious need for spiritual help in which souls languished also because of the failure of much of clergy”.

Castel Gandolfo (AsiaNews) - The figure of St. John Eudes and the urgency in formation of the clergy were the topics addressed by Benedict XVI in his general audience, which also pilgrims from India present. In this Year for Priests, the pope urged the faithful to pray for priests and candidates to the priesthood, recalling the exhortation addressed to them by the French Saint: "Gift yourselves to Jesus, to enter into the immensity of his great Heart , which also contains the Heart of his Holy Mother and all the saints, and loose yourselves in this abyss of love, charity, mercy, humility, purity, patience, submission and holiness "(Coeur admirable, III , 2).

The pope from the outset presented St. John Eudes – whose feast day is remembered today in the liturgical calendar - in the historical context in which he lived, that of the seventeenth century, “a century marked by conflicting religious phenomena, and also by serious political problems. It was the era of the Thirty Year War, which not only devastated much of Central Europe, but also devastated souls”.

And yet, it is precisely the time the Holy Spirit inspired spiritual personalities of the calibre of de Bérulle, St Vincent de Paul, St. Louis M. Grignon de Montfort and St. John Eudes.

See also from CNA, "Proper formation is crucial to renewing the priesthood, Pope states."

And from YouTube-Vatican's Channel:

The Pope: To Evangelise There Needs to be Good Priestly Form
August 19, 2009


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