Saturday, August 22, 2009

So much for conscience clauses for Catholics in medicine

American Papist
Saturday, August 22, 2009

President Obama has promised Catholics, on multiple occasions, a "robust conscience clause."

The fact that we need one is evident when you read about examples like this one, where a pro-life nurse forced to participate in an abortion was told she has no legal rights.

Now read the 1,000+ pages of the health care bill in Congress that President Obama supports, and find me a "robust conscience clause."

I'll save you the days of work - it isn't in there. So much for that.

I'm in agreement with American Papist. And dare I say that President Obama is being, "more than a little disingenuous" concerning not only the existence of a conscience clause, but all life issues in the proposed healthcare bill?

To read the Obama Healthcare proposal, and with the added ability to search its text, see "The Obama Healthcare Proposal: Read the Bill (Now Searchable)."

See also:

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