Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PM Boc in Rome

Nine O'Clock
published in issue 4517 page 1 at 2009-09-16

The Romanian Prime Minister is expected today in Rome for a two-day official visit. The main points on the visits’ agenda are scheduled today. Before noon, Premier will be received in audience at the Vatican, by Pope Benedict XVI. Then, the official discussion between the Romanian PM and the President of the Italian Council of Ministers, Silvio Berlusconi, will follow at Chigi Palace. Foreign affairs minister Cristian Diaconescu, the minister of economy Adriean Videanu, and the health minister Ion Bazac will also be present at the official talks.

On Thursday, the PM will meet the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament, Gianfranco Fini, and important representatives of the Italian business circles. The Head of the Government will have discussions with representatives of the Romanian community in Italy.

The media circles here estimate that the current visit will continue the dialogue between the two countries, likely to conduct to the stimulation of the traditional collaboration between Bucharest and Rome and, not least, to the settlement of the numerous problems that the members of the Romanian community are facing.

by Radu Bogdan


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