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Pope: a spiritual leadership is needed for all, especially for the young

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Illustrating of Simeon the New Theologian, Benedict XVI stresses the importance of his reflections on the mystical experience of God. True knowledge of God comes not from books but from spiritual life. Love of God makes us consider over selves brothers and invites us to respond to hatred with love, to offenses with forgiveness.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - True knowledge of God comes not from books but from a spiritual life, a journey that begins with conversion, but in order "to go towards the Lord we need a guide, dialogue, we cannot do it on our own”, and “this is also the sense of the Church”. This invitation to find a good spiritual father, Benedict XVI believes "is valid for everyone: priests, consecrated persons, lay people and especially young people".

Simeon was a monk from the East, who centred his attention on "experience of the mystical union with God." Born in 949 in Galati in Asia Minor, he was from a noble family. When he was young he moved to Constantinople, to serve at the Emperor’s Court. However he was “not attracted” to public life, instead he looked “for a person to orientate him in moments of doubt and perplexity. " In 977 he entered the monastery of Studion, placing himself under the leadership of Simeon the Pious, to whose teaching he remained bonded for life. He wrote that he had always followed his instruction: "If you seek spiritual healing be attentive to your conscience, all that it tells you to do you must do, and you will find something useful in it." He entered the monastery, but from there went to the monastery of San Mamos, where after three years, he became the guide.

That was the Pope’s call to 8 thousand people present today in the Paul VI hall for the general audience, during which he outlined the figure of Symeon the New Theologian. 'It’s interesting to note - said Benedict XVI - the name of the ‘new theologian’ despite the fact that the Eastern tradition reserves the designation of theologian only for John the Evangelist and Gregory Nazianzen.

See also from CNA, "Christians need more than book knowledge to grow spiritually, Pope teaches."

And from YouTube-Vatican's Channel:

Pope: True knowledge of God comes from inner purification
September 16, 2009


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