Monday, October 19, 2009

Christian principles are key to European civilization, Pope tells European Commission envoy

Catholic World News
October 19, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI underlined the importance of Christianity in the development of European civilization, as he accepted the diplomatic credentials of Yves Gazzo, who will head a delegation to the Holy See from the Commission of the European Communities. The Holy Father remarked that European society today is "the fruit of a long and complex history in which, it cannot be denied, Christianity has played a primordial role."

"It is important," the Pope said, "that Europe does not allow her model of civilization to fray, thread by thread." He said that the Church will continued to take a keen interest in the development of European institutions, and will always press for recognition of the fundamental principles that have contributed to European civilization-- specifically mentioning the respect for life from conception to death and the unique role of the family based on marriage.

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Christian Values Continue to Mould European Civilisation (VIS)


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