Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Great Pope: Pilgrim In White
Thursday, 22nd October 2009

George Cini

Pope John Paul II at the headquarters of the Christian doctrine society - MUSEUM during his visit to Malta in 2001. Photo: Darrin‚ÄąZammit Lupi

A narrator is walking along the rocky shore in Dwejra, Gozo recalling thoughts expressed by Pope John Paul II as the TV cameraman takes in the magnificence of the Azure Window.

The scene forms part of a 90-minute documentary called The Great Pope: Pilgrim In White dealing with the philosophy advocated by the late Pope from Warsaw, Poland. The pontiff had urged nations to treasure their cultural roots irrespective of the onslaught of the media and other forces. The documentary will be in English and Polish.

"This is not a biography but a closer look at how John Paul II changed the mentality on how people relate with each other," Krystyna Mikulanka, co-producer of the documentary said while the crew was filming here.

Ms Mikulanka, who is also honorary consul for Malta, added that when she spoke about the filming to Gaetan Naudi, who is Maltese Ambassador to Poland, his reply was "why don't you go to Malta as well?"

"It is not practical to go to every place the Pope had visited but with my passion for Malta, it was not hard at all to convince me to come here", Ms Mikulanka said.

The Polish crew of seven - which includes Tadeusz Lampka and Stanislaw Szymanski, producers, as well as Michal Walczak, production manager - have still to film in Mexico and Bolivia, Senegal and Zimbabwe, the Holy Land, Jordan and Egypt.


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