Sunday, October 18, 2009

Letter #36, from Rome, Mass

insidethevatican - Oct 18, 2009

"Introibo ad altare"

As rain fell in St Peter's Square, a solemn High Mass according to the old rite was celebrated this morning in Latin in St. Peter's Basilica by American Archbishop Raymond Burke. After Mass, the sun came out over the Square, in a blue sky. Photos...

By Robert Moynihan, reporting from Rome


The Mass in St. Peter's

Archbishop Raymond Burke (photo above) made history in Rome this morning.

Burke, formerly Bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Archbishop of St. Louis, Missouri, now the head of the Apostolic Signature of the Holy See, celebrated a solemn High Mass according to the old rite at 9:45 this morning in the Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament in St. Peter's Basilica (photo by Angela Ambrogetti, who writes for Inside the Vatican and who attended the Mass).

The Apostolic Signature is an office more or less comparable to the "Supreme Court" of the Catholic Church. The head of this office is, according to Church custom, a cardinal. This means that, barring some change, Burke should relatively soon be made a cardinal. The decision of a probable future cardinal to celebrate this Mass gives the event a certain weight and seriousness it might not otherwise have had.


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