Monday, October 05, 2009

Pope asks prayers for Synod, victims of violence and war

Catholic News-News Briefs
October 05, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI asked for prayers for the success of the African Synod, and for the victims of natural disasters and of warfare, during his midday audience on Sunday, October 4.

After presiding at the Mass that formally opened the African Synod, the Holy Father spoke to the faithful from the window of his apartment in the apostolic palace. He reminded his audience that a Synod is "always an intense ecclesial experience, an experience of collegial pastoral responsibility." The Synod, he explained, allows Church leaders to focus on a particular aspect of Catholic life or a particular region-- in this case, Africa. The Synod discussions, he added, should be understood not as "a study session or a planning assembly," but as an opportunity to "listen to one another and, all together, to listen to what the Lord wishes to tell us."

The Pope continued his remarks by asking for prayers for the people of southeast Asia who are suffering through the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, and those in Sicily who have battled bloods. He added a request for prayers for the victims of warfare in Africa, especially Guinea.

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Appeal for Victims of Natural Disasters and of Violence (VIS)


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