Friday, October 16, 2009

Pope Calls All to Bring the Light of Christ to the World

By Bernardo Cervellera
Asia News (

The search for God is witnessing a rebirth in countries formerly under the influence of atheism. Persecution, Martyrdom can never stop evangelization.

AsiaNews aims to serve the Church's mission, by telling of persecution, but also proclaiming the hope with which Christians "infect" the world, the Good News, the Gospel.

ROME (AsiaNews) - "The nations will walk in its light": this phrase from the Apocalypse of St. John is the theme of the 2009 World Mission Day which this year is celebrated on October 18.

Benedict XVI drafted a message reminding all of the faithful of our Mission to the Nations. In it, he underscores the elements of the commitment and mission of the Church. he writes "the widespread and profound changes in present-day society render ever more urgent" (n. 3).

First, the Holy father notes is the affirmation that the "primary" commitment, which must be "anxiously" and "passionately" carried out, is the call to "enlighten all peoples with the light of Christ." To "proclaim the Gospel", so as to render the mission ad gentes, to non-Christian peoples, "the priority of pastoral planning" of the Church itself.

This means that weariness, fears over a lack of clergy, the fatigue of organization, and even (sometimes) meagre results must not become an obstacle. Rather,they should orient us all the more to communicate "the light of Christ that shines on the face the Church ", well aware that" God has a great people in all cities, accompanied ... by the apostles of today. "

The resurgence of religion in many societies once dominated by state atheism (Russia, China, Vietnam, ...) and the anxiety of many young Western materialistic societies, proves the urgency of the pontiff’s words.

Another factor emphasised by the Pope is that mission, by offering the light of Christ to the world, not only results in the measurable growth of the Church, but it has a positive impact on all societies.


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