Monday, November 16, 2009

Opinion: Called to Courage. Faint of Heart Need Not Apply

By Jennifer Hartline
Catholic Online (

'There will be no easy paths through these dark days, and no way around it. Our mission is clear: We must be the light in the darkness'

There will be no easy paths through these dark days, and no way around it. Our mission is clear: We must be the light in the darkness. We must set our light high upon the hill and expose the evil that wants to remain hidden. We must tell the world the truth that will set them free. It is Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life; Jesus, the Light of the world.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) - Our society is made of bendy, cowardly stuff these days. The travesty at Fort Hood last week is only the latest proof. We're in desperate need of a vaccination, alright, but not for the swine flu. We need a massive shot in the arm of courage to help strengthen us against this rampant virus of godless political correctness.

After this terrible, heartbreaking week, I think if I hear one more person extolling the virtues of diversity I'm going to throw up. Diversity simply for the sake of appearances, for the sake of balanced-looking statistics leads to trouble. What happened at Fort Hood leaves no doubt. Battle-tested men with bars and stars on their chests were reluctant to speak the truth because the pressure of political-correctness was stronger than the threat of violence. 14 people are dead not because there wasn't tight enough security at the front gate, but because a terrorist wearing an Army uniform was protected by a climate of fear.

Even now, that climate of fear is working overtime to squelch the truth and put a palatable spin on the fact that we've been suckered like cowards into pooh-poohing the danger any fool can plainly see because we fear being branded as prejudiced or intolerant. So we cover our eyes and pretend not to see the truth staring us in the face, and deadly things happen.

Pitifully, this is the standard modus operandi now in our society. We're not much interested in the truth anymore; only in making sure we appear to be tolerant, diverse, and “equal” in all things. Here's a newsflash folks: all things are not “equal”, and some choices are always wrong.

To those who salute the flag of godless political correctness, sometimes the words equality, tolerance and choice are actually "code-speak" that disguises a nefarious meaning. Those terms are now used as weapons against anyone who dares to say that something is immoral and wrong. They are thrown like bombs at anyone who won't compromise what they know in their hearts to be right and true.

To the well-meaning yet weak-willed, otherwise commendable concepts like diversity, equality and choice have an attractive glow and they sound good and right, and it's easy to be fooled. But when the death of one person is being sold as the “choice” of another, when the immoral sexual activity engaged in between two men or two women is proclaimed to be “equality”, when appropriate questioning and good judgment are silenced for the sake of a false notion of “diversity”, it's time to wise up and see the wolf beneath the lamb's wool.


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