Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top of the Popes... Benedict XVI releases his first album by Snoop Dogg's record company

Pope Benedict XVI is a big music fan. His album is out at the end of this month

Daily Mail
By Nick Pisa
Last updated at 8:31 PM on 10th November 2009

Pope Benedict XVI is hoping to be Top of the Popes this Christmas after an album of him singing is released at the end of this month.

The eight track CD is produced by record label Geffen, which also manages rock legends Guns N' Roses, The Stone Roses, The Cure and Nirvana, as well as rapper Snoop Dogg.

Entitled Music From The Vatican Alma Mater, the eight track album, which costs £9.99, features a blend of chants and songs featuring the voice of Pope Benedict XVI for the first time.

On the CD he sings in Latin, Italian, Portuguese, French and German and is accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which was recorded at the world famous Abbey Road studios in London.

Pope Benedict did not go to the studios - made famous by The Beatles - as the recordings were provided by the Vatican Radio service and the album also features the Choir of the Philharmonic Academy in Rome.

The Pontiff is a keen music fan and often plays the piano in his private Vatican apartments. People who have heard him sing in private say he has a 'powerful and emotional voice'.

Two years ago the German born Pontiff underlined his love of music and said: ’I am convinced that music really is the universal language of beauty which can bring together all people of goodwill on earth.'

The specially-commissioned music was written by three composers: Briton Simon Boswell, who has composed music for several films including Shallow Grave and Hackers, Italian Stefano Mainetti and Moroccan Nour Eddine.

Boswell describes himself as agnostic, Mainetti a Roman Catholic and Eddine a Muslim – so the album is international and multi-faith as well.

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