Thursday, December 17, 2009

Benedict XVI to declare John Paul II venerable at the Vatican

Rome Reports TV News Agency
2009-12-17 11:57:01

December 17, 2009. The late Pope John Paul II is one step closer at getting a spot on the altars, now that Benedict XVI will name him venerable.

Benedict XVI is expected to sign the decree Saturday December 19th.

When the Pope gives a candidate to the altars, the title "venerable" that means he recognizes that they lived the Christian virtues as heroes.

To beatify a candidate, the commission of cardinals and Vatican theologians must certify that God has performed a miracle through his intercession.

In the case of John Paul II, just two months after his death, several medical teams have classified the cure of a French nun with Parkinson's, as “scientifically inexplicable”. The nun says, with much difficulty, she wrote John Paul II name on a piece of paper and a couple of hours later she was 100% cured.

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At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a cradle Roman Catholic I am shocked at this proclamation. Pope John Paul was our Pope and I still pray for his soul. (I even designed a rosary that is sold world-wide specifically for people to use and pray for him) John Paul did more to destroy the faith and confuse Catholics worldwide and we have not seen this type of unintentional heresy since the days of the Arianism. Now I know Pope John Paul did not formally teach heresy, but as pope he teaches by writing and by example. While he did write many ambiguously beautiful letters and books, until his health declined his “examples” were anti-Catholic.

The Ecumenists will be furious at my examples but truth is truth, and the Catholic Church is the truth. The Catholic church is the bride of Christ, and this bride does not have a sister! (sorry Protestants) Has the world forgotten Assisi and the pan-religious meeting where the buddhist desecrated the Blessed Sacrament? Pope John Paul did not teach heresy but he did promote it. His catechism is also ambiguous at best. (Please check it against any teachings prior to 1960 and compare for yourself.) Pope John Paul II was an ardent admirer of Yves Congar, Henry Dulabec and other radical, liberal Catholics. He promoted communion in the hand, altar girls, half naked liturgical dancing (check out pictures online to confirm for yourselves) and THE heresy of our time………..ecumenism.

His ecumenical teaching alone goes against 2000 years of Roman Catholic doctrine. (Again apologies to all Ecumaniacs but learn your faith…..over) The Catholic Church has always taught that “there is NO salvation outside of the Catholic Church” and that the Church of Christ IS the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul taught that the Church of Christ subsists (is perfected in)in the Catholic Church. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, of John Paul II, 1992, Liguori Publications 816, 10/11/1992.) There are over 100 examples of his false teachings.

Has the catholic faith advanced? The Roman Catholic Church’s seminaries are empty. Catholic schools are in decline. We are now taught that the Eucharist is a sacrificial symbol. I thought that IT IS the body, blood, soul and divinity of Our Lord? Our local pastors are more concerned with donation, acceptance and appearance than with souls. The mass is now only a Pascal meal and not a divine sacrifice. All are forgiven so confession is only for the few who feel tied to the old norms. Our Faith has been destroyed by modernists and what is worse is that most Roman Catholics do not know that they no longer have the faith. World-wide Catholics are practicing birth control (or Catholic birth control-Natural family planning) and justify their actions and pro-choice voting record instead of voting their faith. (Without the Catholic voting block, we never would have had a President Clinton or Obama!)

Pope John Paul DID NOT consecrate Russia as requested by Our Blessed Mother at Fatima. If so….has the faith returned to Russia? There are more abortions, rampant homosexuality, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse there than anywhere else in the world. (with the exception of the USA) Has Russia really converted???

Pope John Paul was Geo-Political, and his papacy was a play against the West and Eastern governments. While he did much as a man to liberate the world but did little as Pope to convert it. Pope John Paul did suffer a tremendous amount at the end of his life and gave an excellent example of the dignity of penitential suffering. Pope John Paul received the praise of men, as the title of Pope commands, I also pray that he saved his soul. God did will this papacy, but John Paul will never be made a formal Catholic Saint, and if he is canonized Pope Benedict had better dust off the case of Pope Liberius! Pray for Pope John Paul’s soul.


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