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Christmas, the "feast of faith that is the feast of man and creation", Pope says

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On World Day of Peace, Benedict XVI goes back to his Message to speak about «human ecology». We must rediscover the face of God in order to see all living creatures, men and nature, as a «reflection of the face of the Creator» so that we love and take care of them. Around the world, the iconic figure of the «Mother of God of Tenderness» is disfigured by the «painful images of so many children and mothers at the mercy of war and violence, living as refugees, exiles or forced migrants, their faces hollowed by hunger and disease, disfigured by pain and desperation.» Education and the rejection of nihilism are the path towards true ecology.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – Christmas, the «feast of faith that becomes the feast of man and creation,» is the celebration that finds expression in decorations on trees, in the streets, and on houses. Everything blooms again because God has come among us,» said Benedict XVI as he emphasised the link between Christmas, today’s celebration, Mary Mother of God, and World Day of Peace, which is now at its 43rd edition and whose theme this year is the «protection of the environment».

«The Virgin Mother showed the Child Jesus to the shepherds in Bethlehem, and they glorified and praised God (cf Lk, 2:20). The Church renews this mystery for every generation of men, showing them the face of God so that, with his blessing, they may walk on the path of peace».

«Showing God’s face» as the root of peace was the theme in the homily the Pope pronounced during the Mass he concelebrated with several cardinals in the presence of many ambassadors to the Holy See.

Quoting from the Bible, the Holy Father said, «The entire Biblical story can be read as a gradual revelation of the face of God until it reaches its full expression in Jesus Christ.»

«The face of God took on a human form. He let himself be seen and recognised in the son of the Virgin Mary, which is the reason why we venerate her with highest title, that of ‘Mother of God’. She, who kept in her heart the secret of the divine maternity, was the first one to see God’s face made man in the small fruit of the womb.»

See also from the CNS Blog, "Pope’s New Year’s Mass: Peace, protecting creation."

And from YouTube-Vatican's Channel (note in Angelus below, the section in English starts at 10:00):

ANGELUS 2010-01-01
January 1, 2009

I say to one and all: abandon the way of violence!
January 1, 2009

The Tenderness of Gods Countenance
January 1, 2009


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